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WSGES organizers aim to provide an excellent international forum for interaction across the systems research community, appealing and useful to academic and industrial researchers, welcoming both students and seasoned professionals.

A list of Program Committee members can be found here.

WSGES promotes experimental and practical research and welcomes both academic and industrial contributions, including the following topics:

  • (01) Geological Engineering
    (02) Earthquake Engineering
    (03) Surveying Engineering
    (04) Geotechnical Engineering
    (05) Municipal Engineering
    (06) Structural Engineering
    (07) Bridge Engineering
    (08) Tunnels, Subways and Underground Engineering
    (09) Marine Engineering
    (10) Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering
    (11) Building Electrical Engineering
    (12) Mining Engineering
    (13) Engineering Investigation
    (14) Cartography and Geographic Information System
    (15) Structure Inspection and Reinforcement
    (16) Water Supply, Drainage, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
    (17) Computer Simulation
    (18) Engineering Management
    (19) Construction Technology
    (20) Green Building and Environmental Protection
    (21) Civil Engineering Materials
    (22) Mineral Process Engineering
    (23) Safety Engineering
    (24) Clean, Renewable and New Energy
    (25) Natural Resources Engineering
    (26) Metallurgical Engineering
    (27) Energy Engineering
    (28) Petroleum Engineering
    (29) Metal Processing
    (30) other related topics